New to the treatment range last year was the introduction of Hot Stone Massage.  It proved to be a popular massage to warm your achy body after a fun day out skiing on the slopes.

Not only is it relaxing, but Hot Stone Massage includes other benefits:

  • Decreases pain and muscle spasm
  • Relieves tension created by strained muscles
  • Hot stones expands blood vessels encouraging blood flow helping aid repair
  • Reduces chronic tension

    So why is Hot Stone Massage one of the best treatments?…..

    The heat from the stones unwinds tension from within allowing the muscle to sink into a deep relaxed state which in turn allows you to slip into a tranquil space of your own.
    Using the hot stone allows me to work deeper into the muscle at ease with out making the area tender this means I cant work out all your aches and pains from a day on the slopes and if you arrived in resort with tension already from working hard then you deserve to treat your self to a sumptuous hot stone massage….
    From this treatment you will feel totally pampered, relaxed and toxin free – for the rest of the evening you will want to stay wrapped up in front of the fire and float away in that tranquil space.
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